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Heroic Fatherhood Private Facebook Group

This is an amazing group of Men. Proceed accordingly.

A quick story:

Imagine it’s a cold winter evening, you can see your breath as you and a close friend walk briskly down a cobblestoned city sidewalk. You approach a turn-of-the-century brick building that projects a warm glow from the windows that seems to permeate right through your clothes. The dark night seems banished by the light and warmth that seems to emanate from the granite foundation and white trim. You can hear laughter and lively conversation within.

Your friend turns to you with a smile. “I’m so psyched you’re with me tonight. This is an extraordinary group of men. They are vast in their experience and insights. While individually they are very different from each other, it’s the bond they share that makes this a rich fellowship. It is a bond of Fellowship and Contribution that connects them.

”He goes on. “I know you’re right for this group. Why? Because I’ve seen who you are as a father and an entrepreneur. These are people who share your path. They have challenges, struggles, and breakthroughs like you. They are accepting and generous in their support and feedback. That is all they ask of you.”

With that, he turns to the door and you both enter.

Rules of the Group


Be Yourself. This is a space to completely be yourself (transparent, authentic, honest and open).


Be a man of courage and honor. It’s a privilege to be among other men who are growing into their greater selves. Taking risks, being open, vulnerable and willing to learn from each other takes a level of courage most men cannot muster. Honor the bravery and courage of the other men's shares.


Be a man who Contributes. Add value. Swing in and provide support where you think it will make a difference. Even the smallest contribution can change someone’s life. We are a community of support


Be bold. Become the man you’ve always wanted to be and the father your kids deserve.


Be a man of respect. Everyone is allowed their own experience. What may be true for you may not be true for another. That neither negates nor invalidates their experience or perspective. Avoid “should-ing” on each other. Instead, share what worked for YOU.


Be a man of integrity. Feel free to share your experience of being in the group, but not other men’s stories.
Everything in this group is confidential.


Use the group. Ask questions, give answers. This is a powerful community of men. There is incredible wisdom in our membership. Someone here has been through where you are. Ask for help with your challenges, a great question can change someone's life.


Celebrate your successes. There’s not enough celebration in the world.
Tell us about your win, giving a virtual High Five can make your day.


Be Responsible. Take full ownership for your life and what you create in it. Including what you create in this space.


Share from your own experience. We all have opinions about others, that’s what the rest of the world talks about. We want to hear about your experience.


There is zero tolerance for bashing of any sort. This includes bashing others not in the group. We aim to support and lift up.

Heroic Fatherhood is a Father’s only group, run by Charlie King.
This is a private space (admittance by approval only) where you can get the support and feedback you need to become the Dad you’ve always wanted to be for your kids and the man you’ve always wanted to be for yourself.