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Rockstar Dads Use This Secret That Most Dads Ignore
Life As A Dad Is Full There are way too many days in Fatherhood where it feels like we’re showing[...]
Breaking Down or Breaking Through: Dad’s Guide to Freedom
Getting Over Yourself: A Beginner’s Guide Family activities, pretty much anything that’s billed as “fun for the whole family!!” often[...]
Habits Bring Structure In An Unpredictable World
Mastering Your Domain is a Habit It's evening and I am sitting at my kitchen table. Dinner is over, it’s[...]
Read this if Being a Dad is Hard Right Now
Seek Satisfaction, Let Go of Happiness  “Satisfaction from a Job Well Done.” There are no truer words in the world.[...]
DIY Bomb Squad: Defusing Your Child’s Emotional Outbursts
Your Quiet Evening Just Became The "Last Stand at the Alamo" Your average "adult day" probably isn't much different than[...]
How To Manage Kids Phone Use Without Losing Your Mind (plus free .pdf Guide!)
 Maybe you’ve heard or said these words before: “Get Off Your Phone!” “If I've told you once, I’ve told you[...]
What College Freshman Can Teach Dads About Healthy Living
College Taught Me Something Unexpected In college I was introduced to a new phrase. There was a phenomenon where each[...]
How to Start a Business Without Quitting Fatherhood
Career Musical ChairsLong gone are the days of holding a position or even a career for 20 years. Most recent[...]
Insights For New Dads From a (Well) Seasoned Father of Teens
A Disclaimer For the Dad to be: you’re going to get a lot of advice. Mine is neither “the best”[...]
“Jason Bourne Syndrome” (JBS) is real
I have a problem. I admit it, I suffer from “Jason Bourne Syndrome” (JBS). Understanding This Affliction When I run[...]
Setting Priorities: A Fatherhood Game Changer
Fatherhood is a massive change to any man’s life. To anyone who doesn’t have kids, it’s really difficult to explain[...]
Finding Focus & Flow in a Distracted World
In this article, video and FREE downloadable PDF action plan we'll empower you to find focus and flow enhancing your productivity.
How to Make Family Time Fun Again and Dodge the Dreaded “What Are We Going to Do?”
In this article, video and FREE downloadable PDF action plan we'll empower you to simplify the process of discussing and planning fun family activities.
Hey Dads: The Myth of All-or-Nothing Strategies and How to Avoid the Common Pitfalls of Fitness Fads
In this article, I explain why most programs fail and I provide steps to follow to create sustainable results.
The Forgotten Art of Finding Brotherhood
9:30 AM on a Tuesday. It’s been in my calendar for over four years. It’s an hour blocked off, sacrosanct.[...]
Ben Franklin wins “Naked and Afraid”!
Colonial life in18th Century America was no picnic. They didn't need artificial reality show extremes to be reminded that they[...]
Lessons from Top Gun: A Dad’s Guide to Making Tough Decisions
Landing an aircraft on a carrier is a daunting task. Finding a runway the size of a postage stamp somewhere[...]
The “Boston Parking” theory of forgiveness
In Boston where I grew up it seems ALL parking is hard. The spaces are small and invariably require you[...]
Phone Booth Time Machine
I dropped my daughter off today. I am in Idaho Falls, Idaho, a 15 hour drive from Seattle. I’ve spent[...]
The Story Gap T-Shirts Tell Us
The Gap makes pretty good t-shirts. I like them. They're double-seam, shrink to fit and seem to wear well. The[...]
The Snow Fence Solution To Predictable Roadblocks
Recently I was on a drive between Idaho Falls Idaho and Seattle. The roads are gorgeous transitioning from mountain passes[...]
When Life’s Got You At Minus-45
The accountability group I'm leading right now is amazing. It includes entrepreneurs, remote workers, business owners, and parents. We're about halfway[...]
Finding Your Pace In An Uncertain World
I often work to focus my efforts and energies on intended results, intentional actions which are en route to declared[...]
Loud Clothes and Being Unapologetically You
I’ve been thinking about my friend Stan. Stan was one the most outlandish people I’ve ever known. Fiercely independent, and[...]
Achilles, Greek Warrior had a Twin Brother: The story of Fred
I attended a conference this past week where I delivered a talk. Actually, I delivered a talk on one topic[...]
Hot Mess Mindset
This morning I felt like a hot mess. I woke up after a long week, haven't had enough sleep, and[...]
You’re the 1 in 10
You are the one in 10. Congratulations. You are the one in 10. UB40 came out with the song back[...]
Beer Tub As A Metaphor For Life
For the longest time when I was younger, I tried to be like (and “liked by”) the “guy-guys”. I wanted[...]
Show Your Work
When I was in grade school, I struggle with math. Mr. Evans was a stickler - an Englishman teaching math[...]
This Is Not The End
You can’t determine the end from where you’re at in this moment. You can't figure out where you're going until[...]
Fighting Nazis, bad Bones and Just Getting By…
I cannot stand TV anymore. I used to like it. Favorite show of my youth? Rat Patrol! The fictional ongoing[...]
What Kind of Mailroom Kid are You?
This morning I'm packing up after a great weekend conference in Boise. It was an industry conference for bloggers that[...]
Learning Trust and the Parable of Dude
I met Dude at a construction site in Alaska. He and I were stopped for 20 minutes waiting for a[...]
How To Know When It’s Time To Blow Everything Up And Start Over
Being a dad of two kids, I feel like I have a special relationship to disruption. It seems that my[...]
What To Do When You Discover Everything You Were Taught To Believe About Life, Business, And Parenthood Is Wrong
I’m not someone who appreciates the idea of going on a cruise. I understand that some folks love the idea[...]
This Is The One (And Only!) Thing All Journeys Have In Common
There’s an unwritten understanding in backpacking. The first day of a backpacking trip is always the hardest. Whether it’s your[...]
How Leveraging Both Intention And Action Are Critical To Success
I attended an entrepreneur’s conference last year. It was a summit for people who are up to big things. It[...]
Why Driving School Screwed Up Everything You Understand About Business
I went mountain biking with my son the other weekend. It was exhilarating, exhausting and worth every turn of the[...]
What I Learned About Leadership From My Daughter’s Rowing Team
My daughter is an avid rower, and I have learned so much I never knew about this amazing sport. See,[...]
How Making Time For Myself Made Me A Better Dad
I often work to focus my efforts and energies on intended results, intentional actions which are enroute to declared goals.[...]
What assembling IKEA furniture taught me about fatherhood
I don't know if you've assembled IKEA furniture. To assemble a major piece of furniture from IKEA is to be willing to take the Hero's Journey.
Living With Pain
We all experience pain from time to time. Back pain, headaches, muscle pain, injury or illness comes up in everyone’s life from time to time. Dealing with pain, whether due to illness or injury has a huge impact.
Everything I Never Learned About Consent
When it was suggested that I address consent in my blog, my heart dropped right into my stomach. I could think of no topic more laden with red flags and potential pitfalls. And it’s probably exactly why it’s important to talk about it.
LIVE Recording: How To Teach Your Son About Consent
If you weren't able to join us for our live event, I'm super-excited to be able to provide it here for those folks who asked for it.
“Tell me what to do” – 90 days of being bossed around!
Thanksgiving is a time of reflecting on what’s most important. The MOST important to me HERE is providing YOU value. And I want you to tell me what to do.
How the Navajo Made Winning in the Pacific Easy
The story of the Navajo “Code Talkers” of World War II, how they made winning in the Pacific easy, and the important lesson we all can learn from them.
Don’t Be Dorothy!
Do you remember Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz? In this blog post, we look at the mistakes she made on her journey back to Kansas.
Playing Team at Home
I don't know anyone that doesn't love to be part of a team. Don’t you LOVE when someone comes up[...]