Ben Franklin wins “Naked and Afraid”! | Heroic Fatherhood

Ben Franklin wins “Naked and Afraid”!

Published on 14 December 2017 by Charlie King | Filed in Fellowship, Mindset

Colonial life in18th Century America was no picnic. They didn't need artificial reality show extremes to be reminded that they came from tough stock. Between harsh winters, stifling summers, a struggling economy and living in an untamed land that resisted them at every turn, this was no life of luxury.

Colonial "Netflix and Chill": a dwindling fire and a scrap of hardtack

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The colonial version of "Netflix and Chill" was to gather around a pot-bellied stove and watch the dwindling flames while you wondered if there is going to be enough food for the rest of the winter.

Taxes and arbitrary laws from British Crown were oppressive. To make matters worse, colonial voices were not heard in the houses of Parliment, as the King refused them representation. 

It’s no wonder our forefathers revolted. But they didn’t rise up all at once. Long before the Declaration of Independence, and even before the Boston Tea Party, there was frustration, anger and suffering. Every man, every family under hardship.

"It’s no wonder our forefathers revolted."

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Without modern support structures, colonists dealt with their troubles in the only way they knew how: they faced them together. Late at night they gathered, finding solace at their local Community Halls, in their houses of worship or at their public tavern.

It was the fellowship of others that lightened their load. Their shared experiences provided common ground to build a new future for our young nation.

"Fellowship lightens the load of hardship."

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You don’t have to be living in colonial times to experience hardship. Fatherhood, manhood, work, and relationships can seem overwhelming sometimes. The principles of sharing your story are as true today as they were in 1700s America. No one says we have to do it all alone. 

Whatever you’re dealing with, there’s another Dad who’s been there. There’s another Dad who’s waiting to hear your story and share theirs.

Our Colonial Forefathers had it right: We are better together

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We’re better together. There’s something about being with other Dads who know your story that makes it easier to face the day, knowing that you’re not alone.

This Holiday Season can be a time of fun and enjoyment, but it can also be tough. Dads are not exempt from this experience. Do you know someone who could use a reminder of how awesome they are AND that they’re not alone? If so, take a second and send them our Founding Fathers Quiz and let’s let them know we’re thinking about them!