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Hey Dads: The Myth of All-or-Nothing Strategies and How to Avoid the Common Pitfalls of Fitness Fads

Published on 3 August 2018 by Charlie King | Filed in Health & Fitness

We all wish we were in better shape. Maybe you’d like to lose some weight or get to the gym to build some muscle. Or maybe you just want to go outside more often and eat healthier. But why is it so complicated? And so extreme?

A quick Google search or clicking a Facebook ad will take you down a rabbit hole of fitness fads about throwing away everything in your fridge and working out twice a day, six times a week.

Meanwhile your grocery bill skyrockets and you’ve gotta explain to your spouse why your gym membership costs $150 a month.

With these “fit fad” approaches, there's no variety and no break, just an obsession with one goal that takes over your life. We all have different goals but all these program say the same thing: You need to RADICALLY change everything you’re doing RIGHT NOW or you won’t get the results.

And they’re wrong.

There’s a cheaper, simpler way to get the body you want in the time you have. And you want have to break the bank (or your back) to get there.

All big changes start small

The iconic quote heard around the world as Neil Armstrong reached his foot down to the surface of the moon for the first time still rings true.

“That’s one small step for man. One giant leap for mankind.”

Big changes happen with small adjustments over time.

You don’t need to drastically change your diet and adopt a vegan lifestyle (you can, but you don’t have to). Maybe you just cut out all sugar and caffeine after 6:00pm. You don’t need to join a CrossFit “box” or take up olympic powerlifting, but maybe you start some moderate strength training for 30 minutes at the gym, 2-3 times per week.

The reality is that big changes in your weight or fitness don’t happen overnight. The body you have wasn’t built in a day and the body you want won’t be built in a day, either.

Success is rooted in CONSISTENCY over INTENSITY, plus ACTIVE SUPPORT.

You’re more like to achieve success by making incremental, consistent changes over time with the help of others.

No path to success is ever truly forged alone.

Stop settling for the status quo

Now if you’re a person who’s READY for change and you are SICK AND TIRED of the way things have been going, you don’t have to abandon everything and become a monk to achieve your ideal body.

Weight and fitness goals require three critical pieces that many programs and trainers fail to acknowledge:

  1. Choosing an attainable goal for a predictable win

  2. Designing an actionable plan that fits into the life you’re ALREADY living

  3. Recruiting a partner (or team) to support you on your journey

Attainable Goal Worksheet

We need 2 things to get started: Decide on a fitness goal and a create plan to take action on.

Having goals will help you feel good about gaining traction in your health and fitness, so they’ll be easier to keep top of mind.

Click here to download a worksheet to help you determine how to best implement the plan you’ve designed, and how to recruit a support team! 

Answer the following questions honestly:

  1. What complaint or frustration do you have with your health right now? (i.e. belly fat, tired all the time, sore, general aches and pains, don’t feel vibrant anymore)
  2. What’s the NUMBER ONE shift that would make you FEEL better than you do now? (i.e. lose weight, feel stronger, feel more healthy, not feel ashamed) )
  3. What specific measure would reflect success? (i.e. lose 20 pounds, bench press 200 pounds, run 10 miles, fit in a size 34 pants, do 10 pull-ups)
  4. Have you tried to get this result before? (Yes/No) If “YES”, what was missing (or didn’t work) from the last time that would have made your success more likely? (i.e. no support, program wasn’t sustainable, too expensive, didn’t make the time, too much prep work)
  5. Are you willing to add in the missing part for it to work now? Yes/No (critical to overcoming past failure)
  6. Is NOW the right time? Are you willing to invest the time, effort and money to achieve this result? (Be honest here, no one is served by saying yes when you mean no)

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