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Who is Charlie King?

Who was I before Coaching? “Successful” by lots of measures, but never satisfied, and nothing was ever enough. Paramedic, Firefighter, Educator, Tradesman, Entrepreneur, business owner working with overseas clients and partners. And it all still wasn’t enough.

Always following the rules, or waiting to understand the rules or for permission before I got into action. Waiting for the right time, right person and right situation that would finally give me my purpose and direction.

At the heart of the gap between where I was and where I wanted to be was a genuine sense of worthiness. I was constantly having to prove myself for attention, love, and respect. My self-worth was based on what others thought of me.

Shifting to a life where my value is not up for negotiation has changed everything:

  • I trust myself
  • I’ve stopped stopping
  • There’s joy (and silliness)
  • There’s dancing
  • There’s crazy velocity
  • There’s power
  • I get say over how I interpret the world around me

I’ve got just two goals:
1. Support Fathers to become the Man they've always wanted to be 
2. Create a generation of kids that are raised by Fathers that they deserve

Work With Me

Individual Coaching

Profound partnership is at the heart of individual coaching.  You have an advocate and partner solely focused on where you say you want your life to go.


The power of groups is amazing. Programs that have an in-person impact, shifting perspective, identifying gaps, creating openings, and generating what’s possible.

Keynotes & Speaking

Energy, exuberance, and a magnetic presence are the hallmarks of Charlie's presentations. Engaging storytelling about the funny, wild ride of Entrepreneurship & Fatherhood anchors powerful insights as he invites the audience to see their world in a new light.

What's It Like To Work With Charlie?

First, we sit down and talk about where you're at, and where you want to go.


We start from the adventurous perspective that you are whole, complete and exactly where you should be, just the way you are. From here, if there’s nothing wrong, broken or missing in you, then the waiting to get your life is over. Stops become irrelevant, obstacles become opportunities and bold action becomes the default. In coaching, we shift who you’re BEING in the matter of your life. We replace resignation and frustration with possibility and joy, we replace waiting and “figuring it out” with exploration, action, and discovery.

Coaching is DISRUPTIVE

We disrupt business as usual. When predictable stops show up, we face them together head-on. We step in the way of disempowering judgments and interpretations. We generate possibility for you having your life, your way. We take actions outside of what’s expected, look in new areas to get outside what’s predictable and step into the unknown. We consistently look for what works, what hasn’t worked and what’s next based on what results you’ve created. Next actions become clear, focused and empowered.

In eight short months, Charlie has helped me change every facet of the way I interact in the world for the better.

Corbet C. Bainbridge Island, WA

What if it’s all a story?

Our days are full of opinions and judgments about what’s possible and what isn’t possible, the way things ARE and the way they AREN’T. We believe this is how life IS (and always will be) because it’s always been this way. But what if there’s another way to operate in life?

What if you could choose?

Ask yourself this: Does this way of looking at life leave you empowered? Excited? Joyful and full of Optimism? If YOU get to say how it goes, how would you treat yourself, would you take on in your life, what would it look like and what results would you produce?

We Get One Shot at Life

We get just one life. That’s all we know for sure. It’s time. It’s time for you to get all you desire and make the most of it. Create joy for yourself, YOU are worth it. Living a life from the director’s chair leaves you with power to decide what you want to do and who you want to be in the world.

Let's make a difference for you today.

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